The Journey Back From Hell, Award winning non-fiction

THE JOURNEY BACK FROM HELL is an eBook reissue of Anton Gill’s prize-winning study of the lives of concentration camp survivors after liberation. It is available from Endeavour Publishing and Amazon.

I know I’ve mentioned this before but if you haven’t read it and have the stomach for it I think you’ll find it interesting.

Many of the people I interviewed for it are now dead, so it’s becoming quite a valuable record of memories than can never be taken down by a contemporary again…

All these years on, how do the survivors of the most horrific episode in world history regard their wartime experiences, and how have they come to terms with their memories?

How did their experience of the Nazi concentration camps change them emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and politically?

And what are their feelings about their former tormentors today?

In talking to some 120 survivors in 14 different countries — including political prisoners and resistance fighters — Anton Gill has produced a masterpiece of oral history that is both an account of the survivors’ lives after liberation and a testament to their courage.

First published in 1988, each experience of the ‘journey back from hell’ is unique, and readers are free to draw their own conclusions from what the survivors tell them. But the combined effect of the stories is so poignant and important to the core experience of the 20th century that nobody can afford to turn away — or to forget.

‘A thoughtful, caring book, full of sociological and psychological insight’Sunday Times

‘Brilliant, compelling…an inspiration’Mail on Sunday

‘Excellent’Dirk Bogarde, Daily Telegraph

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