I never thought I’d be relieved that T May stayed in but Iain Duncan Smith’s comments this morning about the EU having to damn well step up to the plate confirmed that relief.
Saw a group of Conservative women Xmas-partying in the provinces – the most disturbing thing about them was that they looked just like Trumpettes.
And now that facebook seems to have got into even deeper disrepute it really is time to say have as happy a Christmas as you can in the circumstances (and good luck with 2019) and goodbye.

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I think it’d be a very good idea to admit Albania to the EU. It has huge resources of chromium (second only to South Africa’s) and massive hydro-electric power. It also has huge stretches of totally unspoiled Mediterranean beaches ripe for exploitation, wonderful mountains (skiing and hiking), as well as terrific Greek and Roman ruins. It’d be a tourist mecca to rival Greece easily (Albanians founded Mycenae), and investment there now would reap heaps in the near future if the country were allowed to open up to us. Its economy is shaky, so it’d be a breeze to do deals with at the moment (tho of course as responsible EU members we wouldn’t take advantage). And it’d the one in the eye for Vlad the Intriguer.


Think about it, France & Germany. I can’t think even Greece, so well established, would see such a small country as Albania as a serious threat to its own tourist industry.

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