General Election Fever!

Do you know I really do think if I were a Tory I’d like to lose this election. Imagine the benefits: Labour would have to sort out the Brexit force and that’s a really Sisyphean job, quite apart from trying to resurrect the NHS and get rid of food banks. In five years, they’d be bloody lucky to put things half right.

In the meantime the Party could quietly lose the crop of unbelievably crass twits who throng its front bench at the moment; and emerge triumphant under the gleaming banner of George Osborne, long to reign over us from 2022!

(Sorry about Freudian type earlier!)

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Partiality of the BBC

I know the Beeb’s political programmes are not on the whole especially galvanising but it seems to me to be nothing short of sinister that they give so much airtime to UKIP and none, for example, the the Greens or any other small but sane and actually represented party.

I know the Beeb has always been eccentric and made bad choices when it thinks it’s onto something which may raise ratings through cheap controversy but should one detect the fell hand of the new head of news, an ex-Murdoxch boy, here?!

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Tory Manifesto

I really don’t think I have ever seen anything quite so jaw-droopingly ill-considered and asocial as the conservative Party’s manifesto. The ideas beggar belief. If you care about your own health and a secure old age; if you care anything for health and education, you will not vote for them.

I looked in vain for any pledge to get rid of food banks by the way. Perhaps they will privatise them instead.

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