I didn’t think I’d ever agree with Nicholas Soames but he does point out that the Leave Campaign during the referendum was illegally funded and that therefore the result of the referendum is invalid, and that the thing ought to be rerun. Failing that, at least we should be able to have one on the final decision – if there ever is one. The chaos is both fun and encouraging. Who on earth can have faith in the process or the principle as this farcical procedure digs itself deeper and deeper into the mire?

Sad that the Govt won on Amendment 18 by 6 votes. Too narrow a margin to ratify decision on such an important issue.

My only real personal question is: where to escape to?

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The arrival of the Man in the White House impends. I hear it’ll cosy UK taxpayers £5 million for his security over the two days he’ll be playing golf in Scotland alone. He should pay for his own security. We don’t need or want tyrannical, irresponsible egomaniacs here anyway – we have enough of our own.


I am appalled at his rabble-rousing against the press in Phoenix last year – incitement to riot is what it amounted to. It seems to me that since 2016 we have been thrust into a dark right-wing satire, the appalling right-wing governments of Poland and Hungary, the weakness of France, the instability of Germany, the ludicrousness of Brexit all compounding the fact that the USA has voted in a narcissistic, infantilistic character with a huge borderline personality disorder, and that China and Russia are ruled by extremely sinister despots. But it’s all interesting, and I hope I last ten more years to see the end of the show, because the way we are going it will surely end within that time.

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What Putin’s Russia and the Grenfell Tower debacle have in common is the polarisation of money. Putin seems to be a common dictator interested in power per se tho in charge of a crumbling economy (worth less than Italy’s) and 140 million people who are encouraged by him to unite under his protection against a common enemy – the West. Of  course it’s not that simple and of course Russian has always been ruled by a central government ruthlessly using a massive secret police force to keep control – and Putin has a point about western quasi-colonial behaviour over the Ukraine (and lack of a sense either of history or reality). Cleverly P allows controlled dissent (and elections) to give the illusion of democracy but that’s nothing new – look at almost any Greek city state, c 450 BC, at one time or another. Anyway it’s disingenuous and the real point is that the neglected economy isn’t helped by the flight of the ‘oligarchs’ who’ve fleeced it and fled the country never to return because they don’t like Putin! And naturally Putin is condoned by Trump, who’s just validated Kim. How do we allow these people to rule us? How has the world swerved so suddenly and so fast into black farce?


As for Grenfell, the socio-econimc divide in that part ofLondon is now as wide as it was in 1850 – the plan seems to be to starve out the poor residents of the North Kensington/Latimer Road area so that the plutocrats can get their paws on the valuable land those people are currently occupying, develop it, and sell the result to the mega-rich.


Alcibiades has a good speech in TIMON OF ATHENS V, iv, which I’ll quote a bit of:

Till now you have gone on, and filled the time

With all licentious measure, making your wills

The scope of justice. Till now, myself and such

As slept within the shadow of your power,

Have wandered with our traversed arms and breathed

Of sufferance vainly. Now the time is flush,

When crouching marrow, in the bearer striong

Cries, of itself, ‘No more.’ Now breathless wrong

Shall sit and pant in your great chairs of ease,

And pursy insolence shall break his wind

With fear and horrid flight.


Would it could be so. Then people like Mrs May wouldn’t so easily get away with crying crocodile tears about not having actually met the victims of Grenfell a year ago.


Surely it’s time to put an end to the Age of Greed and everyone associated with it, and in so doing put an end to the moral and ethical nadir we are living through.

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Fingers crossed that Trump and Kim do get something together. But keep them crossed.


Meanwhile domestically what IS going on with Grenfell Tower a year on? Half the survivors are still unhoused, no-one has come up with any answers regarding the inefficiency of Kensington & Chelsea Council or the Government at the time of the disaster, and no-one seems to be going to. One more thing to lay at the feet of the UK’s preposterous ruling party.


And as for Europe – Italy’s new government refuses asylum to refugees and Spain (which thank God has got rid of Lajoy) has stepped in. But when I look at the state of governments in general in Europe now I begin to despair of the future of the EU – though I passionately believe in it. Perhaps any attempt to create a federation of such disparate cultures and nationalities couldn’t last. I was in Greece recently and anti-EU feeling (thanks to Germany) runs very high. Surely in an economic club members should help fellow-members when they are down. But no. And it can’t be the Neanderthal genes, because Africa’s no better run!


Did I tell you the big novel is finally finished – three months ago or so. Meanwhile I’ve been treading water rather than walking on it!


Do read some Greek classics – Thucydides, Euripides –  nothing remotely changes. Schopenhauer was right – across history, the only things that do change are the costumes and the props!



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HELLO 2018

Just a line to say please don’t expect to hear much of me in the near future as I’m going a bit monastic – need to put finishing touches to UNTITLED II and edit it and change the ending and then try to get the bugger published. And generally withdraw from the hurly-burly for a while.

Good luck with 2018 and please let’s get rid of some of the deeply flawed politicians, fanatics, developers and plutocrats who are running and endangering our lives at the moment, from Trump to Putin and all the ones in between, during this year.

All best


Anton xx

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