William Dampier was an English explorer who circumnavigated the world four times, three of them as a pirate, and was the first Englishman to set foot in Australia, 70 years before Cook. No chronometers in those days. He charted the Trade Winds, and his book about them was still being used by the Merchant Navy as late as the 1930s. This Kindle edition marks the 20th anniversary of the book’s first publication.

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Now available on special offer, this is the last (so far) of the six Egyptian thrillers recently reissued by Endeavour s eBooks in the UK and the USA.

#99p City of the Sea by @AntonGill1. Ancient Egyptian mystery. PlsRT. #CrimeFic #KindleDailyDeals


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New Book Release out now…

City of the Dead is now available on Amazon:

This is the third of the Egyptian Mysteries featuring the scribe turned private eye, Huy. The Journal du Dimanche in Paris said, ‘Gill brings his complex hero fully to life, as he both solves crimes and grapples with the even greater mysteries of aging, failed love, and friendship betrayed.

Huy evolves from book to book, and the series achieves a true profundity.’ In his biggest case so far, Huy investigates the death of the Pharaoh Tutankhamun – did the young king die accidentally, or was there more to his death than meets the eye? Huy enters the tangled world of power politics and barely manages to stay alive himself.

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