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In 2007, he visited Ethiopia, and also spent some time during the period 2002-2009 making frequent visits to Venice. In recent years he has spent more and more time in France, a country he has been fond of since his first visit to Paris forty years ago. Gill has also written for SKI MAGAZINE about the Zen of skiing, on women’s life in dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu’s Romania, for “Woman”, and about croquet for “Country Living”. He has also contributed features (on subjects ranging from seventeenth-century explorers to the anti-Nazi resistance) to “The Times Higher Education Supplement”.

He’s interested in whale conservation, and has been since long before it became fashionable – he has worked for Friends of the Earth as a volunteer, and remains a member of Greenpeace.

Outside work and travel, he enjoys are cooking, looking at paintings (from Giotto to Jackson Pollock and beyond), and playing the clarinet (badly). He paints a bit and draws cartoons, but only for his own amusement, as he’s pretty bad at them too. Gill currently lives in London and Paris, and, from March 2003 until recently, has spent most of his time in the French capital. His wife (since January 2005) is the actress, Marji Campi. The sons of her first marriage both live in Barcelona with their families, and Marji and he are frequent visitors there.