Be A Brexit Ostrich

… and go and see Bonnard at Tate Modern, Viola at the RA – the first is fascinating, the second unmissable: makes you wonder what Picasso, Goya or Rembrandt might have done if video had been available to them. Also went to a brilliant Ka’ta Kabanova at the ROH and today to the new Linbury Theatre there, which has (for a new theatre) a few hiccups auditorium-wise (unstaggered seats so that leaners in the first row can impede the sightline of people in the second; and a nasty gap between the 2nd row walkway and the backs of the first row seats [in the Circle, anyway] which could cost someone an ankle one day) but otherwise is a terrific space – to see a sextuple bill of new short ballets to new music. So one escapes for a while the impending suicide of the UK, the gun held to its head by a handful of intemperate extremists who fly in the face of the fact that certainly 50% at least of the UK’s population don’t want to commit self-annihilation. Meanwhile, how interesting that books and some movies glorifying Our Finest Hour etc etc are appearing and flourishing: someone has a canny eye for a potential markets among the entrenched – before that market dies off, leaving ruin in its wake.

One thought on “Be A Brexit Ostrich

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