Having spent about £2bn to get the DUP onside and about £4bn to cover contingencies in the case of a No-Deal Brexit, and now further funds will go (at least this time with more justification, but not of course the right reason) to invest in marginalised provincial towns which tended to vote Leave in order to win their scared MPs over, shouldn’t the Government think about accountability to the taxpayer for these vast disbursements? After all, the taxpayer might have preferred to see the money spent on the NHS or the Police, and taxpayers in Northern Ireland and Scotland didn’t vote for Brexit in any case. One scarcely wants ones taxes to be spent on shoring up a spent Government, a mortgaged and by now deeply unpopular idea and a fragmented, outmoded political party.

Meanwhile the deaths of the homeless on the streets have increased tenfold.

And one shouldn’t forget that all this isn’t even the Will of the People. It’s the Will of just over half of those people who voted in 2016. And most of them live in England and Wales. So much for a United Kingdom.

This Government isn’t going to stop pushing further into the lobster-trap it’s been in for nearly three years. It will drag us all down with it, and this because of a pusillanimous PM, a raucous and unreflectingly chauvinistic minority and a feeble Opposition. Time to wipe the slate clean of all these people.

If only!



2 thoughts on “Democracy?

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