UNTITLED II finished last March, cut by 150pp and now awaiting launch.

Do look at the booklist on the website if you need any stocking-fillers for Christmas!

And given the state of the world have as merry a one as you can – and good luck with 2019.

All Best

Anton xx



2 thoughts on “BOOKS

  1. Dear Mr. Gill:
    I’ve just stumbled on your website, wanting to refer “Dance between the Flames” to a friend — and not wanting to give the Amazon link….
    I am a US-born writer in Berlin — and your book continues to be a milestone for me. I would gladly buy anything else — but only if I can pay you or your publisher directly! (Or maybe work a trade for our collections.)
    Please accept my sincere thanks, in any case, for all your work.
    With great respect,
    Topper Sherwood
    (“Carla Rising”)

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