More stuff relevant to THE DEATH OF TRUTH. The EU is alas in any case in danger of fracturing. Poland and Hungary have what are getting on to be totalitarian regimes (the former Eastern Bloc in general hasn’t adapted tp democratic systems since the dissolution of the USSR in any case); Germany (and Austria) have high-level extreme right-wing parties; Italy is turning towards its own version of Farage; Macron is losing credibility by the day, and only Spain has (for the moment) thrown out its own dictatorial prime minister (who was acting without a full mandate, like our our Mrs May and like Mr Trump). In the meantime leaders arrogate to themselves the right to tell us what to think and how to think. Thus it is than a handful of men and women, representing an even smaller percentage of the UK population than the one they risibly claim to stand for the majority view of this country and ‘the will of the people’ (in itself a chillingly Orwellian phrase) continue to manipulate us into thinking that Brexit will work. It will work for them, but least of all will it work for their most ardent followers among the dispossessed, uninformed and increasingly unemployed members of society who are most prone to follow leaders. When I was working on recent German history, I used to be amazed at how Hitler got away with it; now I am beginning to see how at first hand.

And (not that I want to get biblical about anything) take a look at world weather systems in the 1930s!

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  1. If one were to go by the book Factfulness by Hans Roslings, the world is still a much better place compared to the 1930s. In current climate though it seems the world couldn’t have chosen worse people as its leaders. Democracy is the collective will of the average. Most people who have no plans for their next five days ahead were asked to vote for generations of the future. The little good that had come about with a lot of hard work and foresight over a long period, will be chaotically razen to the ground.

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