Museums and galleries in the provinces

Really glad to read about Kengo Kuma’s new V&A in Dundee. Really all major museums should follow V&A and Tate and liberate what’s in their storerooms to put them on show in new museums and galleries in all provincial cities – they could use old factories or schools or churches if there wasn’t enough money for new buildings – and all this could be at a fraction of the cost of, say, Brexit, or farming out already-existing facilities to private contractors, s the National Gallery seems to be doing most shamefully at the moment with its education department. The NG has a poor employment record and unless it does a u-turn on current policy I am cancelling my Friends Of subscription since I’d feel uncomfortable supporting such a cruel and stupid organisation. In the end however the fault lies with Government for not providing anything like sufficient arts funding – why can’t they see what a massive boost to the economy this would be in terms of increased tourism, quite apart from anything else? Why do we put up with such fools and knaves running things for us?

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