The arrival of the Man in the White House impends. I hear it’ll cosy UK taxpayers £5 million for his security over the two days he’ll be playing golf in Scotland alone. He should pay for his own security. We don’t need or want tyrannical, irresponsible egomaniacs here anyway – we have enough of our own.


I am appalled at his rabble-rousing against the press in Phoenix last year – incitement to riot is what it amounted to. It seems to me that since 2016 we have been thrust into a dark right-wing satire, the appalling right-wing governments of Poland and Hungary, the weakness of France, the instability of Germany, the ludicrousness of Brexit all compounding the fact that the USA has voted in a narcissistic, infantilistic character with a huge borderline personality disorder, and that China and Russia are ruled by extremely sinister despots. But it’s all interesting, and I hope I last ten more years to see the end of the show, because the way we are going it will surely end within that time.

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