What Putin’s Russia and the Grenfell Tower debacle have in common is the polarisation of money. Putin seems to be a common dictator interested in power per se tho in charge of a crumbling economy (worth less than Italy’s) and 140 million people who are encouraged by him to unite under his protection against a common enemy – the West. Of ┬ácourse it’s not that simple and of course Russian has always been ruled by a central government ruthlessly using a massive secret police force to keep control – and Putin has a point about western quasi-colonial behaviour over the Ukraine (and lack of a sense either of history or reality). Cleverly P allows controlled dissent (and elections) to give the illusion of democracy but that’s nothing new – look at almost any Greek city state, c 450 BC, at one time or another. Anyway it’s disingenuous and the real point is that the neglected economy isn’t helped by the flight of the ‘oligarchs’ who’ve fleeced it and fled the country never to return because they don’t like Putin! And naturally Putin is condoned by Trump, who’s just validated Kim. How do we allow these people to rule us? How has the world swerved so suddenly and so fast into black farce?


As for Grenfell, the socio-econimc divide in that part ofLondon is now as wide as it was in 1850 – the plan seems to be to starve out the poor residents of the North Kensington/Latimer Road area so that the plutocrats can get their paws on the valuable land those people are currently occupying, develop it, and sell the result to the mega-rich.


Alcibiades has a good speech in TIMON OF ATHENS V, iv, which I’ll quote a bit of:

Till now you have gone on, and filled the time

With all licentious measure, making your wills

The scope of justice. Till now, myself and such

As slept within the shadow of your power,

Have wandered with our traversed arms and breathed

Of sufferance vainly. Now the time is flush,

When crouching marrow, in the bearer striong

Cries, of itself, ‘No more.’ Now breathless wrong

Shall sit and pant in your great chairs of ease,

And pursy insolence shall break his wind

With fear and horrid flight.


Would it could be so. Then people like Mrs May wouldn’t so easily get away with crying crocodile tears about not having actually met the victims of Grenfell a year ago.


Surely it’s time to put an end to the Age of Greed and everyone associated with it, and in so doing put an end to the moral and ethical nadir we are living through.

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