Fingers crossed that Trump and Kim do get something together. But keep them crossed.


Meanwhile domestically what IS going on with Grenfell Tower a year on? Half the survivors are still unhoused, no-one has come up with any answers regarding the inefficiency of Kensington & Chelsea Council or the Government at the time of the disaster, and no-one seems to be going to. One more thing to lay at the feet of the UK’s preposterous ruling party.


And as for Europe – Italy’s new government refuses asylum to refugees and Spain (which thank God has got rid of Lajoy) has stepped in. But when I look at the state of governments in general in Europe now I begin to despair of the future of the EU – though I passionately believe in it. Perhaps any attempt to create a federation of such disparate cultures and nationalities couldn’t last. I was in Greece recently and anti-EU feeling (thanks to Germany) runs very high. Surely in an economic club members should help fellow-members when they are down. But no. And it can’t be the Neanderthal genes, because Africa’s no better run!


Did I tell you the big novel is finally finished – three months ago or so. Meanwhile I’ve been treading water rather than walking on it!


Do read some Greek classics – Thucydides, Euripides – ┬ánothing remotely changes. Schopenhauer was right – across history, the only things that do change are the costumes and the props!



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