Just got back from Santiago via Buenos Aires, Montevideo, The Falklands/Malouines, Ushuaia, Cape Horn and Valparaiso. Rather wish I’d stayed given the state of the world. Brexit and the Last Trump – what next? 2017 had better be better than 2016 or we might as well all pack up and leave!

2 thoughts on “TRAVEL

  1. ?

    Am I to assume that you prefer the uk to loose all sovereignty to a bunch of bureaucrats who care not for anything other than their expense claims and ridiculously over-calculated salaries?

    Second – Hillary for president? Are you kidding me – more of the same? More lies, greed corruption, Wall Street Fraud, no-one goes to prison, and absolute destruction of the Western Civilization?

    You Sir – are a historian – and should know better – I was considering buying some of your books – but now I must reconsider.

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