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Appalled to hear via Zac Goldsmith our new cuddly user-friendly Tory mayoral candidate for London that you need twice the minimum London income to be able to get a place here at all. Maybe; but I hope people will at last react against these privileged and narrow minded bozos who’ve been running the shop since 2010 – and Jeremy Corbyn gives one hope that the UK may no longer need to be effectively a one-party state. Meanwhile The Jungle becomes a moraine in this weather and if the UK/France don’t help that handful of people properly cholera and typhus will kick in. I can’t believe the selfishness and cruelty of the people who ate supposed to lead us – how can anyone have one iota of faith in them? And by the way, chapeau to the incredibly brave people of Raqqa who are taking a stand against DAESH. The inhumanity of humanity may constantly prevail, but it never quite wins – or hasn’t yet – thanks to the handful of us who behave as homo sapiens ideally should.

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