New Releases from Amazon: A Reminder

Into DarknessINTO DARKNESS, a novel of the Second World War German Resistance to the Nazi regime, is both a hard-nosed thriller and an epic journey based on the last months of one man involved at the highest level as he attempts to confront his nemesis and the monsters which the sleep of reason creates.

It is available both as an eBook and as a hard-copy paperback from Endeavour Publishing, and from Amazon.






Resized-GAVCQ-189x265AN HONOURABLE DEFEAT, Anton Gill’s history of the German Resistance, also available as an eBook from Endeavour and Amazon.

It gained critical acclaim and several glowing reviews, one of which is below:-

“This is a perceptive and informative history book that reads like a novel. Gill’s sharp, well, paced prose turn a huge amount of historical information into a readable, engaging narrative. Supported by accounts from people who were witnesses to the events discussed, this is truly a new look at the well-trodden history of Hitler’s regime.”




13604713THE SACRED SCROLL is a tale which traces the long shadow of a dark force which reaches from ancient Babylon through the horrors of the Fourth Crusade and the world wars of the Twentieth Century into our own time.

It is available both as an eBook and as a hard-copy paperback from Penguin Books and via Amazon.







city-of-goldCITY OF GOLD is a history-mystery involving the quest for Eldorado and the evil forces seeking to manipulate its final discovery in the depths of the Amazon jungle today.

The story stretches through Elizabethan England and France through to a conflict with an Ancient Order of Knights whose aim is world domination and destruction.

It is available both as an eBook and as a hard-copy paperback from Penguin Books and via Amazon.





the-accursedTHE ACCURSED is a horror story set in Rome at the time of the Emperor Nero, when a series of gruesome killings lead investigator Julius to confront his beliefs in the rational and the supernatural worlds, and to test the power of love against the forces of evil and annihilation.

It is available both as an eBook and as a hard-copy paperback from Piatkus and Amazon.

It is also available as an audiobook from ISIS Ltd. By Anton Gill, writing under the pen-name of ‘Antony Cutler’.




11351410_10202893828465476_1146905854915035496_nTHE JOURNEY BACK FROM HELL is an eBook reissue of Anton Gill’s award-winning study of the lives of concentration camp survivors after liberation.

It is available from Endeavour Publishing and Amazon and gained much critical acclaim.

One review:-

“A project that was sobering to undertake and difficult to compile, the author achieves the notable distinction of presenting the evidence as he discovered it without any judgement attached. It is for the reader to form their own views.

Highly recommended.”




DANCE BETWEEN FLAMES is an eBook re-issue, available from Endeavour Publishing and Amazon, of Anton Gill’s much-praised study of Berlin between 1919 and 1939.

One review read:-

“Anton Gill is the first to acknowledge that this huge and interesting period has been the subject of many volumes already. Personally, I would search long and hard for a book which bettered his knowledge, breadth of scope or choice of detail. For sheer enjoyment and sense of place it delivers.

It leaves too, a strange depth of longing for a city which for one short deadly period was the centre of the world.”


2 thoughts on “New Releases from Amazon: A Reminder

  1. I’d like to know if THE ACCURSED is one of a set off books by Antony Cutler and how many in the serious there are?
    Thank you

    1. Alas a series was planned originally but the publisher changed her mind, so the book was orphaned. There are plans to find foster parents and ti re-issue it, along with at least one sequel!

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