The City of Gold


This is the sequel to THE SACRED SCROLL – same goodies, different baddies, and this time it’s Eldorado, Walter Raleigh, Humboldt, Shakespeare, and a lot of very nasty Frenchmen – plus piles of tough incisive action – just the thing for a long-haul! Penguin for the hard copy, amazon for the ebook!

A rumour is going around the world that a vast source of gold has been discovered, if it’s true it could mean the downfall of the US dominance over the financial world.

An international dealer in antique maps flies in to conclude the deal of his life. But at the meeting with his mysterious principals, he is double-crossed and murdered.

In New York INTERSEC Section 15 have been tasked by the US Treasury to find the gold and secure it for the US. But, for Jack Marlow and his team, the race to find the gold soon turns into a race to stay alive.

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