New Rules on Immigrants


I think I must be dreaming – the Govt. now propose to send back immigrants if, after six years here, they are not earning a minimum of £35,000 pa? And nurses are not excepted – not that such an exception would make the proposal any less opprobrious. Can this be for real? I wish I had Ken Loach’s fighting spirit/optimism.

All I feel is a kind of grey despair. But I’m lucky. I’m the son of an immigrant, I got a free education at Cambridge, I’ve just benefited from a big op on the NHS which wd have cost me c £18,000 privately – my consultant was Egyptian – virtually none of the staff in hospital was ethnically European. But we all know all about all that.

Enough! I’d better go away, stop all this nonsense, and try to write another book which will guarantee me £35,000 a year before I get thrown out and have to go back to France – if they’d have me!

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