Anton Gill, Award-Winning Writer & Historian

Welcome to the official website of Anton Gill, an award-winning writer & historian and author of over 30 best-selling publications. Anton Gill, an English Literature graduate of Clare College, Cambridge, has been a freelance writer since 1984, specialising in European contemporary history but latterly branching out into historical fiction.

He has been translated and published worldwide, and is the winner of the H H Wingate Award for non-fiction for his study of survivors of the Nazi concentration camps, “The Journey Back From Hell”. Anton is responsible for a wide collection of books focusing on the Second World War, 19th Century History and a detailed historic collection of Ancient Egypt.

More recently he has used this as the basis for a fictional series of Egyptian thrillers, available from his page here >> He has also worked extensively in BBC radio and television and has several plays and scripts to his credit… Radio Features included a documentary about whales and whaling, “For the Whales”, and a biography of Alexander Pope told through his letters, “The Spider’s Touch. In 1976 Gill worked as a script editor for BBC Radio Drama, and from 1978-1980 he was a Senior Drama Producer with the BBC with special responsibility for the Radio 2 soap opera, Waggoners’ Walk”. During 1981 he ran “The Archers” in Birmingham before resigning from the BBC in January 1982.